About us

Loan providers are a dime-a-dozen. Many of them however, are unethical lenders, out to make money off individuals in desperate financial situations.

At HB Loans, we not only follow ethical lending practices, but we champion them. You have the right to seek a loan product, even if you have a bad credit rating or have been declared bankrupt.

For that reason, we provide a service to those people in the United Kingdom who high-street banks refuse to help out. We will guide you through each loan type we offer and help you secure the correct one that suits your individual needs.

We operate throughout the United Kingdom where we offer shorter term loan solutions. Our primary product are V5 loans or as they are more commonly known a logbook loan. Since 2009, we have helped over many individuals not only secure a loan but actually improve their credit rating by paying it off in an effective manner.

Not only do we offer these products but we educate our clients. We believe that the public that doesn't understand how credit rating affects them should be educated effectively. This means fewer people in debt and a stronger economy.

We pride ourselves that we have some of the best staff the loan industry has to offer. Many of them have been headhunted from around the United Kingdom. They are leaders in their respective loan fields and can help you with any query that you may have. This is not only about loan products, but debt in general as well as ways to improve your credit rating.

As mentioned earlier, we want to help you and not only with a loan. We strive to help all our clients to improve the financial situation they find themselves in. So if you are wanting any more information about a specific loan product, need general financial information or just want to chat about how we can help secure a loan for you, donít hesitate to contact us.