Now we can go on saying good things about ourselves all the time Ė it is our website after all, but what good would that do? We know we do an excellent job in helping people throughout the country to secure loan products, but we thought we would let a few of them tell you how HB Loans has helped them with not only a loan but understanding why they have a negative credit rating.

Neville Warner, London

I had a builder come around and he promised me that he would fix my roof which in winter, leaks terribly. Although he was fairly cheap, I just didnít have the money to pay out of my own meagre funds.

A friend of mine had told me about a V5 loan. As I am the proud owner of a rare Austin Healy car, I decided to use that as a way to secure the money to fix my roof. I contacted HB Loans and spoke to a lovely young lady called Jane.

Jane arranged to have one of their assessors come over to see my car. Of course, he was very impressed, it is my pride and joy you know. Based on its condition and the mileage it has done (I do like a Sunday drive), as well as my meagre pension income, I was offered 750 pounds, which was more than enough to fix the roof with a little bit over to respray the Healy in British racing green, something I have wanted to do for a long time.

I signed the relevant documents the next day after Jane brought them around to my house. I could not believe the service I received. Within 24 hours, the money was paid into my account and the builder could go ahead with fixing up my leaky roof.

Thanks so much HB Loans. You really have helped an old man out!

Jackie Neil, Sussex

With a bad credit rating, I was being turned away from high street banks when I desperately needed a small loan to pay my daughter's school fees. As a single mum, I just didnít have the money saved up to do it and with the small amounts I make as a waitress, there was no other way for me to get access to cash.

Luckily, my old car still had some value and after reading about logbook loans, I decided to approach HB Loans and apply for one. Not only did they give me a loan in next to no time, they showed me practical ways to work far better with my earnings and how to start to build towards a positive credit record again by wiping out my debt.

I just want to thank them for all their help!