What is a recording studio?

A recording studio is usually a room designed specifically for the purpose of creating audio recordings. A studio can be used for any number of different types of audio recordings, but most commonly they are used to create music for films or television programs. These studios are often set up in a location that hasRead more ⟶

What is PVR recording?

What is PVR? If you don’t know, PVR stands for Private Digital Video Recorder. It is a form of computer software which you can use to record any kind of footage. It works by downloading the video file from your computer onto a PVR card. This then makes it possible to view and edit theRead more ⟶

What is Loop recording?

In the simplest terms, Loop recording is the procedure of capturing audio or video continuously to either an analog or digital soundboard, or to a computer hard-disk, or both. The recorded audio or video is then compressed (that is, downsampled) to loss-less format and stored onto a computer hard-disk. That is how it gets toRead more ⟶